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Qingdao Tongsan construction guarantee measures for PP hollow corrugated building template
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Of course, to achieve the quality and safety of the project, it is necessary to improve the construction technology. If the lower plastic hollow plate can not be used to reinforce all the support members, it is necessary to follow the actual progress of the site and continue to strengthen the method to guide the inspection to meet the inspection standards before installation to ensure the quality and safety of the construction.
Ensure the safety points of hollow board construction

 In the process of installing plastic hollow boards, it is especially important to ensure the quality and safety of construction. Of course, to do a good job of quality assurance, you must follow the four basic technical guidelines in the actual operation. The first is to meet the specifications of the drawings on the dimensions and position design of the structural members of concrete: the second is to ensure the strength and stability characteristics of the plastic hollow panels themselves, so that not only can better withstand the concrete and lateral direction The weight can reduce the pressure of the hollow plate itself: the third is to choose the simple structure and easy to disassemble in the selection of the hollow plate, which is conducive to the concrete pouring and curing work: Finally, when connecting the hollow plate To be closely connected, there should be no gaps in the splicing area, and encryption can be performed if necessary to prevent problems such as leakage. When installing hollow boards, it is necessary to follow these four requirements at all times to ensure the quality and safety of the project.

  As a new type of energy-saving and environmentally-friendly hollow board, plastic hollow board is convenient to use, economical, and superior in performance. It saves a lot of wood resources, and at the same time protects and optimizes the environment, which is conducive to promoting the construction technology of plastic hollow board. Faster development

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