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Hollow plate turnover box production process ?
Hollow plate turnover box production process
As people's living standards continue to increase, the  requirements for packaging products performance increase.
As worried that the product will be damaged due to the quality of the package boxes during transportation. More and more people begin to  consider the use of plastic hollow corrugated sheet boxes. Let me share it with you.
The plastic hollow plate is made of polypropylene raw material mixed with polyethylene raw material and extruded through the hollow plate production line. The cross section of the plate is a grid shape. It has excellent mechanical properties, such as good toughness, impact resistance, high compressive strength, cushioning shock resistance, high hardness and good bending performance. It can be flexibly designed into hollow corrugated sheet boxes of different specifications .

Through the above steps, the hollow box is completed. The hollow box is beautiful in appearance. The turnover box made of hollow board can be recycled. It is widely used in parts packaging and turnover of hardware, electronic parts, food, medicine, auto parts, etc.

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