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How to improve the production quality of plastic hollow sheet?
How to improve the production quality of plastic hollow corrugated sheet ?
Plastic hollow  corrugated board is a kind of packaging product, which is used to pack various articles. PP Hollow corrugated  board is different from carton packaging products. Hollow board has the characteristics of anti-corrosion, moisture-proof, anti-static, etc. These are irreplaceable for carton. Plastic Hollow sheet also has good and bad quality. For pp  hollow board manufacturers, improving the production quality and efficiency of hollow board is the first priority. Good products are the credibility of manufacturers. So how to improve the production quality of pp hollow corrugated  sheet? I will show some method to you.
In order to improve the production quality of hollow plates, we must first improve its production technology, starting from the processing of hollow plates, process parameters, and operators. The main thing is to control the temperature, pressure and speed of each stage of molding. In addition, the design structure of the hollow plate is also very important. Only with reasonable structural design can the strength of the hollow plate be increased, the load be evenly diffused, and stress concentration avoided, etc., to improve its quality. The structural design of the hollow plate needs to be done everywhere Wall thickness, arc or bevel transition are the principles that must be followed in the structural design of plastic hollow plates, and changing the shape of the cross section is the main way to obtain plastic hollow plates with different mechanical properties.

Another important point is the production of hollow board materials. Of course, the raw materials must be selected well, and the formula design is also very important. It is necessary to make a reasonable mix and give priority to additives. On the basis of a reasonable formula, the quality of the resin and additives is also required to be reliable. Even if only one raw material has a problem, the quality of the plastic hollow board will be affected or even unqualified. In addition, changing materials is also a good innovative idea. The idea of ​​plastic hollow board is based on changing materials on the basis of corrugated paper. It is foreseeable that rubber, iron, ceramics, and composite materials made of plastic corrugated products will also achieve unique results;

Generally speaking, if you want to improve the quality of hollow boards, you need to choose good raw materials and good process skills. If you do a good job in many ways, you can improve the quality of hollow boards.
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