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Hollow sheet box shape cutting machine testing successful

Time: 2019-12-03
Summary: Tongsan professional for PP hollow sheet making machine, we can offer the turnkey project for the plastic box making .We have machine in stock,warmly welcome to visit our factory for machine running.
Automatic printing and shape cutting machine running video
PP hollow corrugated sheet box sample
Fruit packing box

Tomato packing box

Okra packing box

Ginger packing box

vegetables packing box

Fresh friut box

Fresh friut box

PP hollow sheet box

PP hollow sheet box making flow
PP packing box making machine


PP packing box making Machine



Material Mixing machine

For mixing material, such as chemicals, color masterbatch, filling masterbatch, recycle material


PP hollow corrugated sheet extrusion line

For makeing Pp hollow corrugated sheet for required width and thickness.

width: 1200-2700mm

thickness: 2-12mm


PP hollow sheet die cutting machine

For cutting the Pp sheet into required shape for folding box


PP hollow sheet printing machine

for printing logo and designs on the Packing box, there is different printing machine, such as single color printer, double color printer, four color printer.


PP hollow sheet welding machine

PP hollow sheet bookbinding machine

For folding the Pp hollow sheet into required box shape, welding machine and bookbinding machine both can work for it

Tongsan provide the PP hollow sheet box making machine for you

Qingdao Tongsan Plastic Machinery co.,;td have been develop the PP hollow corrugated sheet making machine since 2015,now we have the machines for the PP hollow grid plate  width from 1220mm to 2450mm and thickness from 1.5mm to 12mm.We have different model production line,such as the 1400 type PP hollow sheet extruder machine,1860 type PP corrugated sheet production line,2300 type PP hollow corrugated board making machine,2600type plastic hollow grid panel making machine,and for each model,we have the co0extrusion type for customer choose.The co-extruder type can use 20%-60% fillermatch for reduce the cost,so our customer can product the cost competitiveness sheet with goog quality.Our machine have the advantage of high output,easy operation,high precision,good products with smooth surface straight rib.

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